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Vancouver's Original Luxury Valet Partner

Vancouver, BC valet company

Locally owned and operated in the Lower Mainland, we strive to provide elevated experiences, through exemplary strategy and execution, to our clientele and their respective key publics. We Are The Difference.

We create memorable, lasting impressions and experiences for you and your clients and guests with our attentive, courteous service. Our team understands we are the front door to your establishment, responsible for setting the proper tone. As your parking department and parking operations manager, we provide concierge parking services and allow you to focus on other components of your business and event. Behind every great company lies a great belief and purpose.

Skyline Valet

Skyline’s ownership has come to understand that we needed to look outside the utility of the valet service and focus on the true value we bring to our clients and their guests. This focus made us realize that we were not just in the valet parking business, but rather in the guest experience business. This paradigm shift led us to our core belief and purpose. Our belief in chivalry and our mission to prove that it exists has become the backbone of our training procedures and what we offer as a 5-star luxury valet provider.

We ensure that these values are reinforced during each and every occasion/interaction.

Elegance Meets Convenience

At Skyline Valet, the safety of both guests and property, including their cars and belongings, is our top priority. From elegance to convenience and everything else in between, Skyline Valet offers valet and parking management services in Greater Vancouver and the surrounding Lower Mainland. While our business continues to grow each year, our objective has never changed: to provide the highest level of valet parking service that always exceeds our client’s expectations.

Our Team

Expect to get the best product and service possible with our expertly trained and knowledgeable staff that carries numerous years of experience in the hospitality industry. Our team brings hotel, restaurant and event experience, as well as a best practice training approach to help make every location, event and parking management system a seamless operation. We pride ourselves on our team always being professional, polite and happy in every location we situate them in. Most of all, we reward our staff for being our biggest asset in catering to our clients’ every need by empowering them to make the decisions to reflect the personalized aspect of our valet services in Vancouver.