Our Services

Skyline Valet offers a myriad of services for a range of industries, including private and corporate events, restaurants and hospitality establishments, retail and shopping centres, commercial spaces, healthcare, hotel and condominium complexes and car dealerships.

Corporate Valet Parking Services

Skyline Valet has successfully managed and provided specialised parking services for over 100 different events each year.

You’ve got enough on your plate arranging and hosting an event; let us handle the valet and manage your parking system so you can make a lasting impression on your guests. We are Vancouver’s only luxury valet service provider for everything from weddings to private events to corporate grand openings.

We are happy to offer our clients outstanding restaurant and hospitality valet services, and we specialize in offering exemplary parking management solutions and experiences.

We have worked with some of Vancouver’s most prominent nightclubs and restaurants as experts in providing an improved visitor experience.

Nothing beats driving to a shopping mall or a retail store and not having to worry about parking – or even finding – your car.

Skyline valet proudly delivers valet for major shopping centres around the Lower Mainland as an expert in retail valet and parking management. Our team can create a parking management system that makes your store easier and more pleasurable to visit by leaving a lasting and convenient impression on your customers. Leave the specifics to us; you’ve got enough on your plate.

We recognize that your valet is an extension of your company and has the potential to leave a lasting impression on your visitors, customers, and workers.

At Skyline Valet, we’ll create a parking management system that’s totally tailored to your company’s needs and goals. We will give exceptional service to your guests, renters, or employees from the moment they arrive at your commercial or office facility until they drive away.

Whether you’re a patient, staff, or a visitor, the hospital may be a stressful area.

Let us alleviate some of that worry by establishing a parking management system tailored to your business. We prioritize patient treatment while ensuring that we do not obstruct emergency vehicle traffic flow.

Provide a warm, stress-free greeting to your hospital guests with a compassionate crew that will remove unneeded stress outside the facility, making for a more efficient and accessible healthcare experience.

We believe in designing and delivering exceptional guest experiences at Skyline Valet.

We want to make sure that your visitors or residents have the best possible experience from the minute they arrive until they leave. Every time, provide your hotel guests an uncomplicated simple stay, or your residents with a familiar welcome home. If you want your guests to come back, make sure they have the finest experience possible, which starts and ends with Skyline Valet services.

Our team of skilled and enthusiastic valet attendants will ensure that your guests are not left looking for parking and are greeted warmly before entering your building.

Implementing a valet parking management system at your car dealership can relieve some of your customers’ tension, give your personnel more time to greet and manage face-to-face customers, and improve the efficiency and enjoyment of your entire guest experience.