Allow us to specialize our services to your every need, with customized structure and layout based on your operation.  We create a strategic plan to compliment your requirements from our valet parking services.  Skyline Valet provides the following services and is adaptable to growing beyond what follows.

Corporate Valet Parking Services

As an alternative to valet parking services, we offer a systemized parking plan tailored for you needs.  This allows individuals to enter and exit our parking facilities with the assistance of a valet representative.

Private Events

Skyline Valet has been able to successfully provide luxury service to over a 100 different events per year. Whether it is weddings, private parties or corporate grand-openings we are Vancouver’s only luxury valet company


Greet your guests in style with Skyline Valet.  Let us start your wedding off with elegance and ease.

Valet Consulting

We offer consulting services to help you with any and all of your parking requirements. These include questions about valet parking, location specification, or setting up our valet services.

With experience and our detailed systems we are able to create and guarantee a service that fits all of your specifications.


Skyline Valet Attendants dress the part of a professional and efficient operation.  We strive to represent your company on a level like no other.  The following is our standard attire, but may be altered based on your needs.

Black Skyline Valet embroidered jackets, white collared shirts, black ties, black dress pants and black shoes.

Uniforms are our Skyline standard, but may be subject to change as seasons change.

Products & Equipment

Podiums & Key Racks

Skyline brings state of the art podiums and key racks to make the organisation of vehicles a simple arrangement to follow. These are adjustable from holding 1-300 sets of keys at a time.


Skyline wants your company to be visible or discreet, which is why we tailor our signage based on your needs. We carry various displays for signage and provide the option of creating customized signage at a cost that fits your budget.


We provide valet parking tickets that vary based on the requirements of the operation. These are fine tuned with vehicle inspection, vehicle description, and personalized layouts.

In Development

Currently in beta testing of creating app for Skyline to re-develop the valet ticketing and vehicle inspection process. Clients will be able to notify us ahead of time of their departure times and other needs via smart phone.